Home is Where the Heart Is

I have to apologize for the bit of a hiatus I’ve taken from writing. I went back east to PA for my grandmother’s birthday party and then while I was in PA I came down with a nasty case of food poisoning. No fun, whatsoever, I guarantee you. So I apologize for my gap in writing. Things are finally starting to settle after leaving the Army and I’m committing to publishing three blogs a week. So I’ll be working on finishing my mother’s book, the blog, and hopefully starting up a weekly vlog to add into the mix. As a token of faith in my own writing and this project I finally bought my own domain! We’re officially embracing-wanderlust.com!! WOO-HOO!

French Creek: Think George Washington

I have my own big girl business email address and everything, so bear with me while I update the webpage to reflect the changes that have been occurring. I’m determined to beat my procrastination and really get this thing off of the ground. You can look for new posts Sunday, Wednesday, and Fridays 🙂 I also bought a slightly used new camera, so hopefully the pictures I use will become even better. If anyone has any suggestions on how to organize my images and such, feel free to leave them in the comments section please.  Sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of what’s important these days. That’s part of why I went back east, I haven’t been able to visit family out of my own freedom in years. Anyone who has ever been in the military will understand how that works. I haven’t given myself enough grace either, I beat myself up for not writing enough or doing enough. I’m done with that. I’m going to schedule out my week, work for myself and make a name for myself. People do it all of the time. So, why not me? I got on a plane and went to see my family on my own dime in my own free time and even managed a little adventure in Pittsburgh while I was at it.


Another image of French Creek

On Friday I will be publishing about my experience with the small businesses that are in the Strip District there. I haven’t been there in years and when I was there years ago it was dead, and sketchy to say the least. Now it is vibrant with a constant flow of professionals and tourists trying to contribute to the local market. I was so pleased about it I was emotionally moved. But like I said, more on that on Friday. Things are crazy back at my Dad’s house, and I realized part of the reason I felt weird going back to his house, is that it isn’t home anymore. Yes, I love my Dad and I love my family. But, I’ve grown up and seen a very small portion of the world, and to me, I’m a gypsy. My home is where I lay my head at night, and it’s where my heart is.

Of which, the darn thing seems to follow Josh around so I think I’ll keep him. He makes everything better. He supports me. He didn’t go to PA with me, but that’s because he’s busy building his own career. He’s doing now at 23 what most don’t accomplish until their 40’s. I’m so very proud of him. I’m happy to report that even though I did get a dose of food poisoning I was able to enjoy the green grasses and creeks of my childhood. I was able to visit with aunts, uncles, and cousins and hug them and hold them close. Something I wasn’t allowed to do during my time in the military. We had a small lunch at the country club my grandparents belong to and then a get together drinking gin and tonics (There are a lot of Glenns and a Gwen, we’re the GT clan…gin and tonic) and grabbing a hot and ready pizza when we all realized it was well past 8 p.m. and we hadn’t had dinner. I was able to show my family the love they deserve. Even though I was out of it when I spent the day with my Dad the next day, I was still there and we made the best of it. We went to Hank’s, the local homemade custard spot and even were able to go to the shooting range.

Hank’s, always with their list of license plates that stop by.
Beautiful day for the range.

For us, this is a long time Father-daughter tradition. I was also able to pack up Henry (my 60L pack named after Henry David Thoreau) and bring back some of the things I need for all of our trips we have planned.

We’re each modeling Henry, Josh here at the Denver Airport picking me up.
Me here, leaving PA to head back to Denver.

I didn’t get to go hiking or for a drive to see the sights. But I can do that next visit with Josh and show him all of the nicks and crannies of my childhood. I even got to see my Godfather, of whom seems to be the king of warding off cancer when it tries to bring him down. Not a day has gone by where I’ve seen him without his sense of humor. Even when he saw me barely able to eat any lunch with him, he still laughed and joked with me like old times. Family is family, so even though where they are in PA may no longer be home, it is in fact part of where my heart will always be. I love those trees and those creeks, so hopefully I will be back soon. As always, just keep exploring.



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