Gelato and Castles

(Yesterday)I’m in Conwy Wales (Con-way) sitting in an Italian place called Alfredo’s. I just got my appetizer “starter” thinking I’d be small. I have four HUGE pieces of baguette with garlic and cheese. Then I’m getting shrimp pasta. I’m also having a glass of rose wine of which is quite good. I never want to leave the hostel but I’m always glad when I do. Unfortunately some of my articles will be written in my journal and then posted here once I have internet… So some may be double (like this one). Today I rode the train from Bath to Coney. Then I was about to get a taxi for the long hike to my hostel. It wasn’t more than two miles but with all my stuff I didn’t want to navigate the big hill. Then the taxi couldn’t find me a car (small town) the manager drove me himself and didn’t charge me a dime!! He felt bad I had to wait and even gave me some pointers around town. I bet his driver got in a lot of trouble. The train ride was a mix of English countryside and a bad plane ride. There were never enough seats but the view was beautiful. It was also nice to sit for a day. Once here I had dinner and mostly just relaxed. My room has two bunks and a wall sized window. I can see the river which is more of a bay and the Irish sea is in the distance as well. It has been hailing so I haven’t used the courtyard. I may have to stop by the grocery store tomorrow. Save money on over priced food. The is a full kitchen in most hostels including this one. I have a huge appetite since I’m moving around so much. It’s amazing how fast food is prepared here compared to the US I never wait more than ten minutes. I’m still figuring out how everything works but I have a system going. I know how the train works and what to expect in hostels.


I started my day with a traditional English breakfast. I had sausages, eggs hashbrowns, mushrooms, and a croissant. I ate with two funny Englishmen from Liverpool who were hung over. They made a few suggestions about where to see in town and approved of my idea to go to York. Then I went to the castle thinking it opened at 930 and I went to an ancestry place today and looked up Robs family castle. His castle is in the middle of nowhere and I don’t think I can get to it. I would have printed his and my lineage history but it was super expensive. One interesting fact is that a Welsh maiden in the 1300s he’s related to slept with the British king and had several children out of wedlock! Quite the scandal. found out that the Mactavish clan that I come from is completely separate from the Campbell’s and not just a sub clan. I also found out that what my grandmother knows about her Sloan side is correct and I am related to Geoffery de Saye who signed the magna carta.I wandered by the waterfront today and hiked some in Snowdonia national park. I also went all through the castle and city walls. Britain’s smallest house is here and I met a very sweet local lady. She even gave me a free souvenir!! She wanted to make me tea but didnt have any milk…and it wouldnt be proper…too funny! She also taught me a little basic Welsh.


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