Meeting Charles Darwin


1390683_10153605337530092_884497190_n.jpgSo Scotland is going to be done in multiple parts. I was so busy in all of Scotland having an amazing time that I just didn’t get to blogging but I know I’ll want this after my trip is over. So I left York in a rush since I hated it. But while I was in York I made friends with a guy named Gary who also wanted to travel to Isle of Skye so we planned a road trip for when he had off of work. In the mean time I started my trip into Scotland.


I started in Edinburgh of which was a long train ride. I met a couple of girls at the hostel who were from Brazil but studying in Dublin. They offered to show me around Dublin once I get there since we missed the Guy Fawkes fireworks. I decided since I only had one day in Edinburgh that I would take a free walking tour.


I met another american and got really excited but since then I’ve found a few more lol she was really good and showed us a good mix from old torture sites, famous writer sites and Harry Potter sites. It was so good that I decided to take the night tour about myths and legends.


However first I tried Haggis with my discount from the tour of course. It had neeps and tatties (turnips and potatoes) with a brown onion gravy. So so good. I even tried Irun Bru of which is a bright orange pop that tastes like cream soda and had pain killers in it lol supposed to be great for hangovers. I didn’t go into the castle because it was expensive almost $30 to get in and you can’t get into all of it.



I knew I would be in Stirling soon of which was a better choice .. more on that later. Edinburgh was full of history and I loved. It was much better than Glasgow. Between the two tours I went to the Scottish museum and i got to see a lot of Scottish history along with Dolly the sheep and just an impressive collection in general. The Scottish library had some articles from Charles Darwin and the bio nerd in me loved that….after burning time I went to the night tour. The myths and mystery tour was nice because it was a pretty small group and the others were with American or Canadian….we learned about willow wisps and the people who were imprisoned for speaking out against the church…how if they moved at night there buddy would be shot and their death would be on them. So when it rained they would often drown because they wouldn’t lift their head out of the puddle.


We also learned about grave robbers and why they did it…the college needed cadavers so they would pay for fresh dead bodies and if they stripped them naked of jewelry and clothing it wasn’t technically stealing. After all of this I went to the oldest pub in town with an American guy and a Canadian girl and they had folk music. I had gin and cranberry while we listened to this guy who could play a whole variety of instruments. He played bagpipes, guitar, violin and he could sing…he was also very good at all of them..then I was off to bed for my big day in Stirling the next day. That will come soon…I’ll try and post tonight but I need to go explore Northern Ireland.




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