They Can’t All Be Good Days


So I passed up an opportunity to hike mount Snowdon with Emily and Dave because I didn’t want to miss York. However, I suddenly became home sick and the city is a disappointment. There is only part of the castle left and I haven’t felt very welcomed.


Also my hostel is pretty far away… Just compared to Conwy it was a major let down. I’m going to see a museum and a Viking exhibit tomorrow and then I think I’m going to leave a day early onto the next place. York Minster Cathedral is pretty and I think I’ll at least check that out.


I’ll go up into Scotland since I’m so anxious to hear up that way. I’ll be missing Guy Fawkes day where it originated but I think a huge festival alone will be lonely and is prefer the folk music of Edinburgh anyway…. Basically I get a bad vibe here in York which is a bummer but I’m not going to dwell on it hopefully I’ll find a few awesome things to do tomorrow and then onward!  I’m going to go enjoy my wine and a nice shower.




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