Gelato in November


So I started my full day in Wales with breakfast with a few hung over Englishmen from Liverpool. They were fireman on strike. I got a kick out of talking to them. They adopted me at their table no problem and were just good breakfast company. The breakfast was good as well. Sausages, eggs, hash browns, mushrooms, and toast. Then after that I went to the castle of which the whole valley is gorgeous beyond explanation.



I went to the castle at 10 but being a Sunday it didn’t open until 11 so I had some amusement from watching people discover it was closed since none wanted to listen to me when I tried to let them know it was closed.


There was a little cafe near by that I made friends with the lady who owned the place. We discussed the Welsh language and different places I should visit. She then let me use her employee bathroom while she made other tourists use the one down the road ;). I finally got into the castle and it didn’t disappoint. It was a full castle and even had most of its surrounding walls.


They had enough information it was easy to see where the king lived and understand what each area was used for. I climbed one of the high towers with the group effort of some Californians of whom were climbing at the same time as me. We all cheered when we made it to the top. The tiny steps made it a bit risky… The signs everywhere warning that you might tumble to your death didn’t help as far as moral support.


I also wandered around and ate the best  fish and chips… I got the salmon as something different and being right on the water it was amazing. I could have spent days just looking at the hills, countryside and castle. I also made friends with the lady who ran the smallest house in great Britain. She gave me a few lessons in Welsh but I wasn’t catching on so she gave me a tour of another house that’s usually off limits and a free souvenir!! She was awesome to talk to and I learned information that I would have never known otherwise.


I also verified a few family stories at a knight shop. Unfortunately to get the information written up it was $50 a piece so I didn’t do it. After I finished there I had a gelato… In November. That’s one thing I find too funny. Everywhere here has an ice-cream  shop and they always sell…. Probably because it’s always cold. I shivered half to death with a mouth full of some of the best gelato I’ve had since Italy. I was too amused to care. I wanted to try some Welsh food as well since I was only staying a couple of days but it was next to impossible to find. So I bought some staples in a supermarket. I bought leek soup and roasted potatoes along with Cornish pasties and prawn cocktail chips for my lunch the next day. All for five pounds.


Which to put in perspective it’s usually 15 pounds for a decent meal. I met a couple from New Zealand, Emily and Dave, they were coming from where I’m going and they were able to make some amazing suggestions. They even drove me to the train station the next morning when my taxi didn’t show again. We swapped emails so I hope to keep in contact with them. They were really good people. Newly weds who just decided to travel for 10 months. Crazy!!


The invited me to climb Mount Snowden with them, however I decided it was too out of the way for the time I had remaining in my trip. I regret not going with them, just goes to show, you should always follow where the adventure leads you.




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