Baguette Smothered in Garlic and Cheese


I find writing while in a restaurant on my own keeps me company. Currently I’m in Conwy (Con-way) Wales eating at an Italian place called Alfredo’s. I just got an appetizer “starter” thinking it’d be small. I have four huge pieces of baguette smothered in garlic and cheese… Yum! In getting a spicy shrimp pasta dish that I think will be good because we’re so close to the ocean. I’m also having a glass of Rose wine.


I’m always too tired to leave the hostel but I’m also always glad when I do. Unfortunately some days I don’t have internet and I have to hand wrote my posts and then post them later. That’s why it will look like I have multiple posts a day. Today I rode the train for five hours from Bath to Conwy. Then I was about to get a taxi for my long hike up to my hostel when the manager had yo drive me himself since his drivers were caught up… Benefit of being in a small town only about 4,000 people. Then the manager didn’t even charge me for the ride  because of the low fare. I have a feeling that employee was in trouble. The train ride was beautiful but a bit crowded. Tonight I’m just relaxing after dinner.


My hostel room has wall sized windows. I can see the river that is connected to the Irish sea near by. There’s a nice courtyard but considering it’s hailing out I don’t think I’ll be using it. I may stop by the grocery store and see what kinds of food they have not to mention save a good bit at least on breakfast and lunch.


There is a full kitchen in a lot of hostels and think it will be quite useful. However I can’t carry groceries with me and it’s hard to cook for just myself. However I do find I can eat a lot more probably all of the walking and carrying all of that weight. On the bright side I’m finally getting a system. Also my shoulders are getting strong enough for my pack I find it a lot easier to maneuver and that I can carry it longer. I was hoping that would happen soon!



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