Druids, aliens or giants?

I ate at a place for dinner today that was like a grand Chinese restaurant but on steroids. It was a Nepalese place that my guidebook suggested with quick service and amazing food. It was a bit pricey but I’m in a really overpriced area. I didn’t think I was very hungry until I got my food! It was almost like a curry, but with more fresh herbs. The owner that I talked to suggested a lentil sauce that I could eat as a soup if I wanted to. It had saffron, garlic and a little orange. It was all with rice. The inside was gorgeous and I saw people I knew from my tour last night. It was a comedy tour of the city Bath with a touch of history and magic but mostly just an evening stroll with a comedian.


Today was incredible. The tour guide was super funny and I got to go to places that a lot of people can’t make it to because they don’t have a car. We started early at Stonehenge (before all the giant bus tours)  of which is just sorta spooky and amazing. They started building it almost 4000 years before Jesus… Crazy. Asbury was an adorable village with similar rocks but they were bigger and it was less touristy. I even got to hug one! There is one you can sit in as well. These weren’t shaped like Stonehenge. They were just massive rocks in a mile wide circle with a ditch and a road and a few smaller inner circles…I can’t imagine back when they first appeared what people thought of them of whom had only seen thatched huts and here are these massive rocks. Of which weigh i think they said an average of 35 TONS…and the rocks were imported!!! If that wasn’t creepy enough my tour guide had two copper sticks that move together on Leigh lines…its worth looking up for more of a background.


I went with a real small group so I didn’t feel like part of a herd. A girl named Victoria was in the group from Australia and we became quick friends. She was traveling alone as well. It was nice to have people take my picture. The tour went to a couple Harry Potter filming sites and we are both big fans so I had someone to enjoy that with. We also met some other eccentric Americans and a sweet couple from Brazil. We stopped to take pictures of the chalk horses that are carved into a hill and these gorgeous real horses came to great us…we were in the middle of nowhere so it was farm land. I discovered I was the only country girl since I ran right up to them and started petting and hugging the one. They were three Arabians I believe. Absolutely beautiful. I then convinced other people they don’t bite much and a couple of guys from Thailand said that was the closest they’ve ever been to a horse. Too funny. The horses liked me more because horses can tell when people are nervous. So I kept them happy while people cautiously took pictures with them. Then we finished by visiting two very famous small villages with thatch roofs. One was part of the Cotswolds. Basically very famous middle of nowhere English countryside. Everything was very old…they had wooden beams that were massive…Next I move to Northern Wales and I hope to take the scenic train route up the coast 🙂 I’ve been resting up tonight…some fish and chips I ate made me a bit sick from lunch…Internet is touchy here but I’ll try to post when I can 🙂



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