Dropped in a New Place

So when I imagined London I didn’t imagine that one of the first things I’d be doing would be eating Indian food in a fancy Indian restaurant. I should have guessed that would happen with all of the people who are immigrating to England especially London. My friend Laura was able to show me a traditional British food restaurant where I had bangers and mash and I had other classics like scones with cream and Cornish pastry. I hit up all the highlights today for my first day and it was gorgeous outside. The leaves are just starting to change and the sun was out all day. I saw Kensington Gardens, Big Ben, Piccadilly Square, Buckingham Palace and several of the other landmarks. Tomorrow I want to go to the Natural History Museum and to the National Museum. Then end my day in Camden Market, or at least that’s the plan. If I see something else then I’ll go that way. I also want to mention that swans that are used to human contact are quite alarming….I thought for sure I was going to be attacked by a rogue bird of some kind.


A squirrel did crawl up my leg…that was positively horrifying. lol lots of people were trying to get their attention so they probably assumed I had food. I have felt safe this entire trip, besides the occassional mishap with the wildlife, and this city is so beautiful. There isn’t a block where the architecture isn’t creative. I also visited Kings Cross Station to let out my inner nerd and i saw where platform 9 3/4 would be. well I’m still digesting what I witnessed today so maybe I’ll post more details later.



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